Lake Elmenteita

Lake Elementaita

This is yet another Flamingo haven much like it’s not so distant cousin the famous Lake Nakuru.  It is relatively untouched as it has only recently featured on the tourist circuit. It is smaller in size about 18 sq km and though located on private land, it is open for exploration. This is a picturesque bird paradise with a bird count of over 350 species including Flamingoes, Great Crested Grebe, Great White Pelicans and so many more. Its shores and environs are also teaming with wildlife including many herbivores such as buffalo, eland, waterbuck, warthog, gazelle, zebra, and carnivores such as jackal, lion and cheetah.

Soysambu Wildlife Sanctuary gives an opportunity for visitors to spend time on the shores watching the incredible variety of bird species, and animals. Today’s Soysambu is a 48,000 acre Wildlife Conservancy, also a RAMSAR site – a wetland of international importance.  The alkaline lake’s rocky islands are the only East African nesting site for great white pelicans, while its algae and plankton provides food for vast flocks of flamingos and a multitude of other waterfowl, many of them rare.

Tourist Activities will include:

  • horse riding
  • bird watching
  • dipping into the natural warm spa that flows into the lake
  • Hot Air balloon ride
  • Nature walks

Best Itinerary Featuring Lake Elmenteita

we have selected a 9 day safari, ‘Ballon safari with Champagne bush breakfast’. In this safari you will get to end your safari by Lake Elmenteita. A serene, quiet and tranquil haven ……a beautiful way to end a great African expedition. Your stay at Lake Elmenteita will be at Sunbird Lodge or at Lake Elmenteita Serena camp if you chose the ‘Luxury safari with Champagne Breakfast’.

Apart from Lake Elmenteita, you would also visit: Lake Nakuru, well known for catching the BIG 5 and seeing thousands of flamingos on the lake.

Being the season for the wildebeest Migration, you will also get to visit Maasai mara, not only will you get to see the wildebeest but also catch the whole migration atop a balloon safari, and get a bird’s eye perspective. The Balloon ride also sets you above the clouds in the early morning and you catch the first glipse of sun’s rays over the Savanna……… truly a magical and memorable encounter you cannot afford to miss!

Africa beckons and we look forward welcoming you to our land!


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